Thursday, 26 December 2013

Rained Off ...

The heavy rain of the last few days, and tonight's to come, has scuppered my plans for hiking over the next week at least. The path is inundated making hiking impossible.  It will be some time whilst the flood plain fulfils its role and the waters abate before the hiking the path path becomes a realistic proposition. No doubt there are some amazing images waiting for me but hiking out to them is out of the question. And the mud will be something to contend with long after the waters abate, so, until then ...

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Day 5 - 6th December 2013 - Lechlade to Radcot

Starting out from Lechlade at 7am, well before the non existent sunrise, provided the chance of some very low light exposures including an attempt at handheld slow shutter-speed flying geese. The first locks are on this stretch as is the unusual sight of a series of concrete pill boxes erected during WWII as a line of defence along the Thames - in case of a successful German invasion from the south. As I arrived back at my car after about 14 miles hiking the sun shone on me for the first and only time that day - for about 30 seconds.
Nothing Happening at the Pub - 7:15am
Eight Canada Geese
42-Step Bridge
Buscot Poplars
Weir Edge
Last Line of Defence
Poplar Zebra