Monday, 26 January 2015

Day 16 - 25th January 2015 - Tilehurst to Sonning

Photographically speaking, some days are easier than others. Today was hard. I just couldn't find much to inspire me! Perhaps it was the fact that I'd returned to Reading for the first time since I worked there about 14 years ago! However, I did take lots of photographs of the water, and that's been the saving grace for this stretch of The Thames Path. At the time of taking I wasn't to sure they'd amount to much but, after Lightrooming and Photoshopping, a few pass muster. And I resorted to someone else's work - a piece of glowing graffiti.

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Surface Trees
Caversham Weir
Weir Footbridge
Glowing Graffiti

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Day 15 - 19th January 2015 - Goring to Tilehurst

My first hike of 2015. I'd anticipated a very heavy frost to start followed by a blue sky day with clouds building from early afternoon. So much for the forecast - a cold day but no frost and no clouds. But another great hiking day and a few good photographs. The only negative thing about the hike was the path in parts was exceptionally muddy so care was needed not to slip over in the sticky mess. The Thames was very high after several days of rain and was roaring over the weirs at Goring and Mapledurham. I reached Tilehurst today - the half way point - 92 miles down and 92 miles to go. Or more correctly for me and my two-way hiking - 184 and 184.
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Riverbank Trees
Mapledurham Weir
Church at Whitchurch Bridge
Private Garden
Kelvin Wake
WWII Pillbox