Friday, 24 April 2015

Day 23 - 22nd April 2015 - Chertsey to Hampton Court Palace

Today’s 8 mile stretch of the Thames Path took me to Hampton Court Palace; and the end of the route in the first of the two ‘Official National Trail Guides’ for The Thames Path - ‘In the Country’. The second - ‘In London’ - is a book of the same size but covering just the remaining 38 of the 184 miles to the Thames Barrier at Woolwich … plus a 9 mile extension to Crayford Ness. More detail and larger scale mapping in the second. Most of the 23 sections I’ve hiked to date have produced several images with which I have been pleased. But whilst today’s hiking was most enjoyable, it was singularly unproductive as far as my photography was concerned. Day 23 produced the smallest number of ok-ish images from the whole hike so far. Unsure of the reason for this but as I progress London-wards the river is widening and becoming increasingly urban making for less and less of interest to me. But, I mustn’t make excuses - I’ve often said that good images can be found anywhere and everywhere, if only you look hard enough!
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Moored - but Sunk

Wall Flower
No Way

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Day 22 - 6th April 2015 - Runneymede to Chertsey

My early start to avoid the bank holiday traffic and crowds was a good idea but I still wasn't early enough to catch the early morning mist on the river. It had all but dispersed by the time I started hiking. I seem to be becoming obsessed with photography under some of the bridges, judging by the number of pictures I'm taking. They do offer very graphic images often with beautifully reflected and dappled light on their undersides. The amazingly warm and sunny Easter Monday weather was almost unprecedented. And no more mud!
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Under the A30 & M25

Classic Cumulus
Mind Your Head

Dappled Girders
Spring Willow