Saturday, 8 November 2014

Day 11 - 4th November 2014 - Near Abingdon to Culham

Today's hike started in the chilly autumn morning river mist. It cleared by late morning leaving me to anticipate the (forecast) bright afternoon. Rain arrived less than an hour after the mist cleared defying the confident sunny forecast! So a diversion in to the George & Dragon in Sutton Courtney for lunch was timely. I came across several interesting image making possibilities and was pleased to find when I got the files onto my computer at home that I could make something of a few of them. One or two were where the scene itself did all of the work leaving me with not much to do after having pressed the shutter. A few others required the application of my own creative interpretation - these are always far more more personally satisfying. I took several pictures in the mist but none of them survived critical assessment in Lightroom.
White Hole
Victim of the Storm
Abingdon Weir - I
Cottages - Abingdon
Abingdon Weir - II

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