Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Day 14 - 30th December 2014 - Wallingford to Goring

Today’s hike was superb in every way - I hiked from just before sunrise to just after sunset - and the -7˚C temperature prior to sunrise was a perfect start. The heavy frost was a gift for photography and the crisp clear air was invigorating, to say the least. And a beneficial byproduct of the heavy frost was that the mud on the path was frozen for most of the day. The sky was clear early and late with cloud throughout the middle of the day. Although I saw a few images in black and white, most of today’s needed colour. I have selected about 10 for this entry though the day was altogether even more productive. They are presented chronologically. At the end of today’s hike I’ve completed 84 of the 184 miles of the Thames Path - just 100 more to the end … or 200 as I’m hiking in both directions. I’m now aiming to complete the project by 31st December 2015; maybe 16 more days.

Click on any image to see full size views of each image in the day's set of images.
Before Sunrise from Wallingford Bridge
Frosted Grass
Brickwork - Isambard Kingdom Brunel Railway Bridge
Icicle - Isambard Kingdom Brunel Railway Bridge
Goring Weir
Manor House Chimneys - Moulsford Church
Three Poplars and Moon
Cirrus Moon

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