Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day 2 - 30th October 2013 - Neigh Bridge to North Meadow NNR

My second day on the Thames Path gave me the opportunity to test my newly repaired camera. I noticed an intermittent but serious focussing fault whilst on a photography holiday earlier in October in New England. Fortunately it occurred near the end of the trip. Camera equipment isn't cheap to have fixed - this cost me £365 for a full service and replacement parts for the broken lens' image stabilisation mechanism. But the camera is now back to doing its job correctly - so I now only have myself to blame for poor focus! I'm in the process of replacing my ageing PC with a Mac, and whilst that transition is in progress the images from this day's hike will be delayed for another few days; they'll appear as the next post. Unlike on my first day's hike, there was plenty of water flowing after the recent wet weather.

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