Monday, 25 November 2013

Day 4 - 23rd November 2013 - Castle Eaton to Lechlade

This stretch of The Path is the only one on its whole length that touches the Thames only briefly. Elsewhere there are other short absences but about 5 of this 6 mile stretch are up to half a mile away. And one of the miles is along the verge of a busy main road. I expected all of this would diminish the pleasure of the walk - not so. I found interesting things to photograph, particularly the crab apples in the ditch and the 13th century church at Inglesham. Half a mile east of Lechlade is the Inglesham Roundhouse at the start of the long defunct Thames and Severn canal. From this point onwards the Thames is navigable and after 23 boat free miles from the source it comes as a surprise to see boats galore.

Crab Apple Ditch

Kelvin Wake
Inglesham Church - Box Pews
Inglesham Church - Font and Box Pews
Inglesham Church

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