Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Day 8 - 8th September 2014 - Newbridge to Pinkhill Lock

It's 14 miles to Oxford - or 28 miles hiking as I'm hiking each section in both directions. So, 14 miles was today's quota getting me just beyond Pinkhill Lock before turning back to Newbridge. Day 9 will see me in Oxford. Totally different weather from the last two outings when I didn't see the sun all day. This section was wall to wall sun making some images possible whilst ruling out others. The photograph (third one down below) of the shadow of the weir superstructure on the waters of the weir at Northmoor Lock is an example of an image for which not only is the sun is essential to cast the shadows, but also the particular time of day is important. Any earlier and the bright slots of sunlight would not yet have appeared whilst not too much later and they, along with the railings, would have stretched too far out to the left. My arrival at the right time was pure luck - an essential ingredient in at least some of my work. The second photograph of the weir was taken about 5 hours later when, this time, the sun's low position made the image possible creating the contrast of the bright warm back-lit spewing water with the cool light in the shaded remainder of the image. Whilst the first works well for me in b&w, the second requires its colour.

Under the Newbridge Willows
Disused Boat House
Weir at Northmoor Lock - I
Weir at Northmoor Lock - II

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