Thursday, 5 February 2015

Day 17 - 4th February 2015 - Sonning to Henley-on-Thames

Not one on my best days for hiking - the mud was partly frozen on my outward hike but by the time I was returning it had completely thawed - so it was miles of sticky, slippery mud. Not at all conducive to calm contemplation of what might make a good photograph. Notwithstanding that, I did find several although this time the waters of the Thames played a lesser part. The area I'm hiking through is part of the Chilterns chalk downs in which flint stones are a feature. They are used in buildings, often to decorate and make patterns as well as adding strength to built structures. There are two photographs herein where they feature of the walls of St Mary's Church in Henley as an integral part of a property boundary wall. Colour has won out today - I tried several in b&w but most didn't work out too well.
Click on any image to see full size views of the day's set of images.
Laid up for the winter
Cloudy Ripples
Boat Shed Knots
Boat Shed
Flint Blocks
St Mary's - Henley
Flint Wall
On reflection, it's a tree.

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