Friday, 17 July 2015

Day 27 - 15th July 2015 - Wandsworth Bridge to Westminster

After a short delay whilst I’ve been getting over a strained back I’m now eager to complete this project. Throughout the day I felt somewhat disheartened about the images I was finding - to the point where at the end I imagined that I had nothing to show for the day’s hike. It’s an uncomfortable feeling when I’d anticipated from the start nearly 2 years ago that I’d find something to show for every single day that I hiked. I anticipated a hard time when I uploaded my files to my iMac. So, I was more than pleased that as I looked through and then worked on the images of the day I found, much to surprise - and huge relief - that I had several that I am very pleased with. I even have one where there are people within the frame … something that almost never happens for me! Two more days will see me through to the end of the project when I reach the Thames Barrier.
Click on any image to see full size views of the day's set of images.

Swan Bench
Eroded Steps
Houses of Parliament, Post Office Tower, and Sturgeon
Water on Marble
Pigeon Netting
Way Out

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