Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Notes on the final stretch from Westminster to The Thames Barrier

I had planned to complete the final 12 mile stretch (24 miles total for the both ways that I hike) on two consecutive days (7th and 8th August). The 7th would have seen me hike from the Thames Barrier to Westminster along the South Bank and the 8th making the return trip along the North Bank to complete my ‘Photohiking The Thames Path’ project. And in one final post here I planned to record those two days. But after the first day on the 7th I concluded that my poor feet wouldn’t take kindly to another 15 miles. Although the distance is nominally about 12 miles each way, after all of the minor detours and too-ing and fro-ing it’s actually around 15 miles. So on the 8th I hiked just a short section from Westminster to Tower Bridge. Ironically this short stretch turned out to be very slow due to its being highly productive of photographs … and it would have made a return all the way to finish at The Thames Barrier a very long day. So, I still have one final day’s hike from Tower Bridge to The Thames Barrier which I’ll complete in the next week or two. After this post there will be four more - one for each of the three hiking days, and a final one summarising the whole trip. And maybe in a few weeks just one further entry, if, that is, my planned self published photography book “Photohiking The Thames Path - Kemble to Kemble via London” looks good enough. The post from the 7th and 8th will appear within a day or two.

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