Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 28 - 7th August 2015 - The Thames Barrier to Westminster (one way)

The 12 mile south bank stretch between Westminster and The Thames Barrier is utterly different in character to everything upstream. Part industry, part housing, part derelict land, part building site, part entertainment venue, part sports arena, part farm, plus restaurants, theatres, street entertainers, art galleries, bars and pubs galore, a superb riverside shellfish stall, and so much more as the river widens substantially on its route to the open sea. And all of that is without looking towards the river! So, much of this is rather new to my lifelong primary focus on landscapes. But, it was a delightful and welcome change to what had become for me somewhat tedious over the previous few hiking days. I found all sorts of different images, several of which are, as usual, included below. I've not, however, been tempted by 'street photography' even though the opportunities are boundless. So, people tend not to be present in most of my work even though the summer crowds, particularly between Tower Bridge and Westminster are dense and hard to avoid.
Click on any image to see full size views of the day's set of images. 
Mind the Cranes
'The' Shopping Trolley
Quintin Lake has also photographed this when he hiked the whole of the Thames Path - see here.
Muddy Clouds

Green Rope
The Walkie Talkie Tower, The Cheese Grater, The Gherkin and HMS Belfast

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