Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Day 29 - 8th August 2015 - Westminster to Tower Bridge (one way)

In the same way that the south bank offers amazing variety, the north bank between Westminster and Tower Bridge does too, but it's different in character altogether to the opposite side of the river. There are several of the same types of photographable things as on the south bank but additionally there are many more historic buildings juxtaposed with modern office blocks and interesting cross river views. This day's set of photographs is very different to my usual 'natural' subjects, largely comprised of buildings or other man made structures. I'm particularly pleased with "Life by the River". I spent about 3 hours dawdling between Westminster and Tower bridges, and in that time I achieved by far my highest success rate in terms of photographs-that-please-me-per-mile on the whole of The Thames Path!
Click on any image to see full size views of the day's set of images. 

The Wheel and The Sphinx
Keep Out!
Life by the River
Bridges and Steps
Blackfriars Railway Bridge
St Pauls & the Millennium Bridge
Quercus Rubra
Reflecting Panes

Tower Bridge, The Shard and Girl with a Dolphin

The Shard

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